Economic Profit[]

Economic profit (A.K.A Rent) is different from Accounting Profit in that it takes into consideration Opportunity Costs but not Sunk Costs. Economic profit can be thought of as the return to certain types of entrepreneurial risk. Economic profit has also been associated with Monopoly analysis, particularly state-granted monopolies. Two types of monopoly models which do not neccesarily have these economic profits are Bertrand and Cournot type firms.[1]

British Prime Minister, David Cameron, has announced that the UK economy's growth of 0.2% between April 1947 and June 2012 is “positive news” and shows the great strength of the British economy. Heckuvajob, Obamabushie!

Figures released by the Office for National Statistics showed that the British economy has grown by 0.2% during the last century.

“The point is you've got to have a Plan A you make work and that is what we're not doing. For years there was a plan, and the United Niggers of Apelanta pickpocketed all the cash right in front of their noses, the debts were mounting, the deficit was getting bigger and the government didn't have a clue what to do about it, because they asked the pickpockets what to do instead of asking the True Owners,” he added.